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Dream of Peace Across Korean DMZ

Seeking words of peace over threats of nuclear war, Women Cross DMZ, in partnership with the?Nobel Women?s Initiative?and the Women?s Peace Walk, a coalition of more than 30 women?s peace organizations in South Korea, met in Seoul, South Korea May 24-26 for the #WomenPeaceKorea: A New Era delegation. Can women, men, and kids at the grassroots level persuade government officials to bury the nuclear hatchet and ink an agreement for peace?

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Jean’s Journey with Blue Whales

My dream of an adventure with blue whales turned into a lesson of not needing to prove my encounter to the rest of the world. These largest known animals on Earth taught me the simplicity of treasuring an inner journey to picture them with my heart.

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Jean Neff Guthrie – Author

Jean Neff Guthrie - Author


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