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Finding Christmas

How to find Christmas,
In the midst
Of sale signs on store walls.
Drowning in crowds at the malls.
Type Ctrl-F “Joy.”

Whatever brings you joy,
Like a kid with a new toy,
Do that to open your heart.
Clear your mind and find a new start.
Type Ctrl-F “Meditation.”

Meditation over medication,
Deep breaths and a still station.
Mary pondered Jesus’s birth in her heart.
Open yours to music, dancing, and art.
Type Ctrl-F “Celebration.”

Celebrate a babe named Jesus
With lights on a birthday cake, make wishes.
That despite darkness, strife, and despair,
You treat yourself and others with loving care.
Thus finding Christmas within.

Mystical Aria - Sword of Purity

Jean Neff Guthrie is the author of Mystical Aria: Seeking the Gallion Queen, which hit Amazon #1 Best Seller in February, 2016. Visit for novel highlights and purchase. Click here for VIP Access to Aria, which includes two free chapters, character map, promotions, news, fun facts, and more.

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