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What "Mystical Aria" readers are saying
A fabulous adventure, with elements of fantasy and science fiction, this book is sure to appeal to young readers.  The author’s descriptions of the Gallion characters brings to life a charming, and entirely unique world. Her delightful sense of humor is shown in wonderfully imaginative scenes which add great depth to this terrific book for young readers.
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Fantasci-fi adventure in the Pacific Ocean in 2028. (I’m sooo glad Starbucks is still reigning Queen of coffee then!)

Cover: Fabulous! You CAN judge this book by its cover!

Mystical Aria is a young teen novel I won from a goodreads giveaway, with the intention of reading it to my grand daughters, for whom the author lovingly signed the book.

The family relationships were realistic, even by today’s standards. The human characters, in general, were fun and unique, with each one having a defined personality. The sibling rivalry and devotion to one another were award-winning, as were the glimpses of Tommy and his older Drake.

We even peeked at the intricate difficulties of a marriage to a serviceman.

The long-term pre-existing friendship was creatively shown and the interactions were set the mood that misunderstandings, trust, and loyalty run deep.

This adventure book was charming and flawlessly written. Structure, flow, and grammar was professionally represented.

I would definitely recommend it and would pounce on another book by this author!

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from goodreads

Thoroughly enjoyable book! I really enjoyed the characters, the story, and the elements of spirituality, adventure, and healing.

Amazon Reviewer

Light-hearted and uplifting story. A great book for young adults.
Kevin Downing

Amazon Reviewer

What an enchanting adventure! I know it’s a young adult, teen read but at 66 I thoroughly relished it — aliens, space craft, kids, seals — a young adult plot, well written with a wonderful “just beginning adventure” ending….can’t wait for the next one!
Lynn Demsky

Amazon Reviewer

Bought this for my daughter (10) – she absolutely loved it and cant wait for it to come out!!! I’ve attached her review….
Amazon Customer

Amazon Reviewer

Good story. Unique.
Sharon C. Maurer

Amazon Reviewer

I loved the story, the weaving of the characters, and interesting ideas of ” life” presented. Purchased the book for my Granddaughters. Thought I should read it first. Quickly became engaged with the characters and read it every free moment until completed. My 10 yr. old granddaughter read it in one sitting. When I asked her what she liked best, Her response was “EVERYTHING”
Amazon Customer

I loved the story

Mystical Aria is a book that everybody should read, young and young at heart. It opens spirit and heart as well as a galactic window, reminding us that we are part of something much bigger than we might think we are.

Uplifting and intelligent, with a positive attitude towards a possible existence of “aliens”, this book is a pleasure to read, indeed.

Dominique (Severina)

This is fantastic!


Lovely story with strong characters peacefully resolving fear and conflict. A fun read for an adult and a motivational read for a child.

Amazon Customer

Wonderful Read


The story is well written for a seventh grader reader. I think they will enjoy the adventures of Aria meeting aliens. The dialogue is realistic for this age. The descriptions of the Gallions are entertaining and believable.

The story is a well-executed plea for readers to think about their approach to living. An alien culture comes to teach us many things about the way we see our world. It makes a point that if we view the world as one of scarcity then we will know scarcity. If we view the world as abundant, we will know abundance. It tells us that we make our world by what we project, abundance or scarcity. The first place we have to heal is in ourselves, then we can heal our relationships and Earth.

Mary T. Kincaid

for Readers' Favorite

I bought this book for my two granddaughters and gave it to them yesterday. They are eight and ten years old. I got a text from their mother this morning. The older daughter was almost late for school because she couldn’t put the book down. Great book for children.

Amazon Reviewer

Aria’s journey with the Gallion Queen enchants adults as delightfully as young adults. I enjoyed my journey into the Gallion world and lives of the children tremendously. I especially treasured the magical gifts each of the children received. What a wonderful book Jean. I can’t wait for the next installment
Lisa Michaels

Amazon Reviewer

Great read, and if I had a pre-teen daughter or niece, this would be a gift to her! Great fun for my inner teen!
White Fox

Amazon Reviewer

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