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Powerful Star


Dear tDiary,

In the Spring, I look at the Sun and wonder what it would be like to spread so much warmth across the world. Must be a powerful star to do that. I wonder how many other suns and Earth-like planets are in the universe. Do other stars make flowers grow and tan people?

Our Sun looks so small yet it does so much. We’d die without it, yet it pulls us toward it. Like, we can’t escape the Sun. 

I wish we had more Sun during the winter, though. I’d like to swim in the ocean waves and build sandcastles with BFF Tommy all year. Maybe Dad will get a SEAL assignment in Hawaii. Then I probably would miss snow. I’d rather have more surf days than snow days.

When I look at the Sun, I wonder why I don’t see different colors like looking at light that’s passed through a prism. The sun is just yellow, or that’s the way we see it from Earth. I wonder what the sun looks like closer-up from Venus or Mercury.

Seems like Earth is not too close to the sun and not too far away. That’s a good thing. I would astro burn on Venus and freeze on Mars.

Another World, Another Sun

I’m grateful each day for the Sun, especially in the Spring. Mom’s roses are starting to bloom, and Dad wants to plant tomatoes tomorrow. Somewhere, maybe in another galaxy, there’s a planet with big, purple flowers that bloom each Spring when its sun shines longer during the day. I want to find this place and look at its Sun.

That’s my blog, and I’m sticking with it.

Aria Vanir

Mystical Aria - Sword of Purity

Aria Vanir is the psychic tween protagonist in Jean Neff Guthrie’s young adult novel, “Mystical Aria: Seeking the Gallion Queen, which hit Amazon #1 Best Seller in February 2016. Visit for novel highlights and purchase. Click here for VIP Access to Aria, which includes two free chapters, character map, promotions, news, fun facts, and more.

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