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In my Sandcastle


Dear tDiary,

When I build sandcastles with my BFF, Tommy Manger, I dream about being the queen of my own castle. What would it look like, and how would I spend my days?

My huge, gold throne is covered with roses that don’t have thorns. The roses come from buses planted outside. Their branches climb the castle walls and enter my throne room through large windows.

I have a barn full of unicorns. Tommy and I ride them in the evenings to the top of the highest hill, where we watch magnificent sunsets.

Jackie can still be my older sister in my sandcastle, but she doesn’t get to boss me around. Frankly, I’d like it better if she’d get her own castle.

Tommy def hangs out in my castle. We have a huge room devoted to high-tech entertainment, where we watch science fiction movies after dinner. Sometimes the movies haven’t even been released yet, like Galactic Gina III.

When I’m queen of my own castle, I never have to do laundry or clean my room. I have handmaiden gnomes for that. The grass never needs to be mowed because the unicorns keep it short. It only rains at night so we can swim in the moat or race unicorns any day.

My favorite ballet teacher and the girls I like in dance class come to my castle. We rehearse in a sunny room full of mirrors with a live orchestra. We practice for hours without our feet hurting or getting tired. The gnomes bring us water from an enchanted spring and fruit picked from the orchard that morning.

In my castle, Dad doesn’t have to go on SEAL missions unless it’s to save stranded dolphins. There’s no war or terrorists or bombings in the lands around my castle.

Mom has a hot tub on a stone porch outside her and Dad’s bedroom because she’s always wanted that. We can have spa time and watch shooting stars after my unicorn rides.

Sandcastle Alien Queen

Good aliens, like the Gallions, are invited to my sandcastle any time. I’ll host a ceremony for the Gallion Queen Supreme, Nashata, on a Saturday night so we can stay up late and listen to Princess LeSom and the Elvins play revorock. Nashata’s the most astro alien queen in the universe, even though she’s the only alien queen I know. At least for now.

Life is good in my sandcastle. Life is even better when I share it with friends–and good aliens.

That’s my blog, and I’m sticking with it.

Aria Vanir

Mystical Aria - Sword of Purity

Aria Vanir is the psychic tween protagonist in Jean Neff Guthrie’s young adult novel, “Mystical Aria: Seeking the Gallion Queen, which hit Amazon #1 Best Seller in February 2016. Visit for novel highlights and purchase. Click here for VIP Access to Aria, which includes two free chapters, character map, promotions, news, fun facts, and more.

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