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Pendant Joins Worlds

Who would have guessed that looking into an alien Pendant of One Hundred Faces would allow me to see another planet, three galaxies away? I can watch Queen Supreme Nashata and other Gallions who live in a world of peace on planet Vitchera in the Jenegu Galaxy.

Queen Supreme Nashata gave me this pendant when we made first contact on the Gallion superspaceship, Rama XI. When I looked into it, I saw Gallion youngones in their mountain homes and adults feeding communicorns. As in, unicorns that sent and received messages. I wondered how I saw so much in a white crystal the size of my thumb.

Jackie tells me to spy on the Gallions. She’s such a bossy older sister. She’s all about spying, SEALs, and sports. She wants me to write reports on the status of the Gallion military and defense systems.  Nuke to the no, I’m not doing that!

I want to watch the communicorns running in the meadows and aquards flying into the milky ocean by the capital city.

From observing the aquards, I believe they can stay underwater for at least eighteen minutes. Probably longer because I get bored of waiting for them to surface, so I listen to music on my tMuz instead. Since aquards look like solid-black bald eagles, it’s hard to tell them apart. Unfortunately, the pendant doesn’t let me see underwater for thorough aquard tracking.

Watching Alien Friends

I yelled, “Hello!” to Princess LeSom when I saw her in Central Quarter of the Gallion palace. She didn’t answer. Guess the Pendant of One Hundred Faces didn’t come with audio.

Perhaps Peakte, my favorite alien engineer, can add audio as a modification to the pendant next time the Gallions visit Earth. He’ll like the challenge.

I saw the queen supreme using her Gallery of Worlds to watch rulers of other planets on the Intergalactic Oversight Council. I wonder if she’s spying or simply observing.

Nashata’s son, Mitushi, spends most of his time reviewing mission strategies with his fleet captains. The Gallions don’t fight among themselves. They protect their planet from invaders mostly with their Shielders and spicy-fast superspaceships.

Once Mitushi turned his head away from his his fleet captains and looked directly at me. Like he sensed that I was watching him through the pendant from Earth.

Mitushi teaches us to be part of the wholeness. Maybe he’s so connected that he knows things around him, even when they aren’t there physically. I wonder if Mitusi is highly intuitive like me. If so, does the queen supreme hide his secret of psychic ability like my mom does for me?

The Gallion youngirls don’t shop as much as my friends and I. They get what they need from a manifester. I want a manifester so I don’t have to wear Jackie’s hand-me-downs.

I’ve never seen a Gallion try to ride one of the communicorns. If I ever fly to Vitchera, the first thing I want to do is ride a unicorn. How funtastic!

For now, I’ll watch the Gallions–my alien friends–from far away.

That’s my blog, and I’m sticking with it.

Aria Vanir, Earth Ambassador to the Gallions

Mystical Aria - Sword of Purity

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