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Last Class


Dear tDiary,

The only thing better than making a curtsy at the end of spring ballet recital is walking out of my last class for the school year. Yeah, summer at Virginia Beach is here!

Summer is me time. No one tells me when to get up for school or what to study or what to rehearse for the next recital. I’m free!


Summer at the Beach

I can’t wait for all the fun I’m going to have building sandcastles with Tommy, learning new spins at ballet camp, going to visitor day at the naval base where Dad works, and reading the latest Galactic Gina book I got for my birthday. 

Jackie said she’d teach me how to surf. I’m ready. I’m too big for my boogie board.

I can’t wait until I’m old enough to drive a WaveRunner by myself. For now, I still love riding behind Dad or Drake, bouncing across the waves like a dolphin.

I can’t decide which WaveRunner driver I prefer—Dad or Drake. Dad’s astro because he’s a SEAL and has a military thingy tattoo. But Drake is so HOT and I can’t tell anyone because he’s Tommy’s older brother and I’d die if anyone knew I liked him. I think maybe Drake’s Mom knows I like him because she tells him to take me for a ride on the WaveRunner whenever we’re at the beach and Dad is away on a mission. Maybe Drake will like my new bathing suit and actually talk nice to me instead of calling me Tommy’s chick shadow.

Then there’s the Gallions. I still can’t believe their Queen Supreme sent me a message through this tDiary. I wonder if she’d like to ride on a WaveRunner. The Gallions look part mermaid with tentacles instead of arms and long, web hands. I bet they can swim Olympic fast.

Maybe I’ll ask Jackie if she’ll teach the alien queen, Nashata, how to surf. Hopefully Jackie won’t try to interrogate her.

I hope the Gallions come to visit us this summer. No one else I know has aliens as house guests. We can have tea at my Hospitality Station each morning and then go to the beach. If it rains, we can watch the new X-Files movie.

Aliens watching a movie that humans made about whether to believe in ETs. Won’t that be nuke funny!

That’s my blog, and I’m sticking with it.

Aria Vanir

Mystical Aria - Sword of Purity

Aria Vanir is the psychic tween protagonist in Jean Neff Guthrie’s young adult novel, “Mystical Aria: Seeking the Gallion Queen, which hit Amazon #1 Best Seller in February 2016. Visit for novel highlights and purchase. Click here for VIP Access to Aria, which includes two free chapters, character map, promotions, news, fun facts, and more.

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