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Living with the Name, Aria



Dear tDiary,

Today in school this boy named Roger kept teasing me about my name. He asked if I stayed in music class all day because my name is Aria, or if my dad called me Aria because I was born an air-head. I told him my dad was a Navy SEAL. That shut him up fast. Then I went into a bathroom stall and cried. Not because he teased me about my name, but because my dad wasn’t with Mom and me when I was born. He was on a secret mission somewhere, as usual. I miss him when he’s gone, which really is the reason I got upset. 

I wonder what dad would have named me if it had been up to him. Probably Samantha so he could call me Sam. Maybe Joan like Joan of Arc.

I like the way my Spanish teacher says Aria. She rolls the “r” and makes it sound so spicy. I practice rolling my “r” while I’m in the shower, but I don’t have it down yet. I’d like to go to Mexico so I can hear people say my name and play on great beaches. 

I like my name. To me, it floats on air like a musical note I hear when I’m practicing ballet. I don’t know why some people have a hard time pronouncing it, but I guess not everyone grew up with a mom who overloads on classical music like mine. I think she would have named me Bach Aria if she could. Then I’d really get teased at school.

Name Teasing

Tommy has a common name. Kids tease him about his last name, Manger. They call him “Tom-babe in a manger” or “Major Manger” or “Anger Manger” when he’s mad. 

I don’t know why kids tease each other about their names. Seems pointless, just to have something to say or put someone down or get back at someone for hurting you. 

Nickname Peanut

Then there’s Jackie. She calls me Peanut to be bossy and mean because she’s my big sister. Yeah, I’m small, but I pack a mean kick. I have to admit that I kinda like the nickname Peanut because I think that’s Jackie’s way of showing affection. She’s def not into hugs.

Once I heard Jackie say, “Nobody messes with my Peanut!” when she learned that a girl in elementary school had cut off a chunk of my hair with scissors during art class. Jackie threatened her the next day. That girl never bothered me again. 

Call me Peanut or Aria, I’ll answer. Just don’t call me “The Other Vanir Girl.” I hate that. 

That’s my blog, and I’m sticking with it.

Aria Vanir

Mystical Aria - Sword of Purity

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