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Call me Aria

Aria writes in her diary about getting teased for her name, why she likes the nickname her sister gave her, and what she despises being called.

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Releasing Aria’s Anger

Aria Vanir learns tough lessons about repressed anger and love from a spiritually advanced alien commander, Mitushi. He, in turn, discovers the best about humans by observing Aria’s first memory as a newborn. How is a sword involved?

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Sun Wonders

Aria’s tDiary entry for April 8, 2028 tells of her wonders about the Sun. Are there other stars in the universe that provide life like we know on Earth? She wants to explore.

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Seven Secrets in my tDiary

What 7 secrets does Aria Vanir, a psychic 12-year-old from Virginia Beach, keep in her transmission diary (tDiary) about advanced aliens and her own family? What does she like to do in the yard at night when no one is watching?

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You had me at Unicorn

Meet Michele Phillips, the illustrator who brought to life a pivotal moment in “Mystical Aria: Seeking the Gallion Queen.” Find out how her love of drawing horses and unicorns as a girl impacted her decision to accept this book cover design assignment.

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Leap Year Day My Way

The year 2028, when Aria meets the Gallions, has 29 days in February. Read Aria’s entry in her transmission diary (tDiary) about her dream adventures for her extra day if no one were telling her what to do.

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Tommy, This Girl’s Best Friend

While Aria loves ballet, she’d rather hang out with BFF Tommy Manger than the girls from dance class. Discover the bonds they share, whether Aria wants Tommy as her boyfriend, and how Tommy influences Aria’s life.

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