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Seven Similarities of Plots and Projects

Writing a novel and creating a software project schedule seem as alike as sumo wrestling and calf roping. Jean Neff Guthrie, young adult science fiction author and information technology program manager, reveals seven similarities that meld her two passions.

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Dare-me Halloween Costumes

On Halloween, most kids want to dress up as a vampire, witch, or main character from the most recent superhero movie. Aria Vanir says, “nuke to the no” for these boring choices. Here are her seven ideas to turn a Halloween cloak from boring to daring.

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Queen of my Own Sandcastle

In a July, 2028 transmission diary (tDiary) entry, Aria dreams about being the queen of her own castle. What would it look like, and how would she spend her days there?

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Decatur Arts Festival’s Gallery Show of Book Covers

Photographs from the Gallery Show at the Decatur Library on May 27, 2016. Congratulations to Michele Phillips, illustrator of “Mystical Aria: Seeking the Gallion Queen,” for her invitation to display this book’s cover design in the Gallery Show, which was conducted in conjunction with the Decatur Arts Festival’s Art Walk.

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End of School

School year 2027-2028 has ended, and Aria looks forward to surfing and wave-running at Virginia Beach. Will her secret crush, Drake, notice her? Will the good aliens–Gallions–who contacted Aria through her transmission diary (tDiary) come to visit during the summer?

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