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Humpback Whales, Up Close and Personal

Aria Vanir’s transmission diary entry for February 19, 2029 tells of her adventure to see humpback whales and dolphins during a school trip at Virginia Beach. What did Aria and her Navy SEAL father, William, learn from the good aliens–the Gallions from Vithera–that could help whales and dolphins?

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Resolutions to Help my Parents

As a writing assignment from her Virginia Beach middle school, Aria Vanir writes New Year’s resolutions to make the world a better place for her parents. What can she learn from good aliens, the Gallions, who live in a world of peace?

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Alien Queen for a Day

By day, I’m a 12-year-old psychic girl. By night, I watch the stars for glimpses of alien life. Often I wonder what it would be like to live on another planet as the queen. What would I do if I were an alien queen, even for just one day?

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Dare-me Halloween Costumes

On Halloween, most kids want to dress up as a vampire, witch, or main character from the most recent superhero movie. Aria Vanir says, “nuke to the no” for these boring choices. Here are her seven ideas to turn a Halloween cloak from boring to daring.

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Queen of my Own Sandcastle

In a July, 2028 transmission diary (tDiary) entry, Aria dreams about being the queen of her own castle. What would it look like, and how would she spend her days there?

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End of School

School year 2027-2028 has ended, and Aria looks forward to surfing and wave-running at Virginia Beach. Will her secret crush, Drake, notice her? Will the good aliens–Gallions–who contacted Aria through her transmission diary (tDiary) come to visit during the summer?

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Call me Aria

Aria writes in her diary about getting teased for her name, why she likes the nickname her sister gave her, and what she despises being called.

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